Jennifer Bondelid - Dance, Theater, Founder, Creative Director

jenniferbondelid-150x150Jennifer Bondelid has been a dance educator for 18 years, teaching at the St. Louis Ballet’s company school and Island Dance (on Whidbey Island, in Washington State.) She has worked as a choreographer for Whidbey Island Dance Theatre and Outcast Productions, and as a dance captain, movement coach, and director at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts. Her acting credits on the local stage include roles in plays and musicals in both English and Esperanto. Her film credits in Esperanto include “Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo” and voiceover work for multiple films by Christopher Mihm. In 1999 she received her B.A. in Esperanto-instruction from Principia College, under the guidance of Duncan Charters. She later became a mentee of Lee Miller, and in 2014 joined the instructor team of the Esperanto Summer Intensive in Victoria, Canada kaj Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Gary Grady - Film

gary_grady-150x150Gary Grady became interested in film-making as a child and later worked in television production for several years, both in front of and behind the camera. Later, he became a computer scientist but remained interested in film and television, and co-produced a documentary. Recently, he has become more involved in film-making. In Esperantio, he is a board member of Esperanto-USA and of the American Association of Teachers of Esperanto.

Derek Rolf - Filmaker, Writer

derek_cropped-150x150Derek Roff began studying film and filmmaking in the 1960s. He took courses in cinematic arts at MIT and the University of New Mexico, among other places. For more than twenty years, he was in charge of the creation of language-instruction materials and videos at the Language Learning Center of the University of New Mexico. Derek began studying Esperanto in 1976, and had the good fortune to study with William Auld, Duncan Charters, Claude Piron, and many other outstanding professors at the North American Summer Esperanto Intensive (NASK), where he later became a teacher himself. Derek also speaks English, Spanish, and Portugese.  He wrote the radio drama for this year’s KTF.

Chuck Mays - Film

chuckmays_uncropped-150x150Chuck Mays is an electrical engineer and project manager of engineering teams. Around 2009 he became interested in filmmaking when he bought a DSLR-camera with a good ability to record movies. At Esperanto meetings he often records lectures and puts videos on YouTube. Recently, he helped a group to do a commercial for the “Doritos” Super Bowl contest. He is the treasurer of the American Association of Teachers of Esperanto, a life member of Esperanto-USA and a board member of ESF (Esperantic Studies Foundation).

Bertilo Wennergren - Music

BertiloBertilo Wennergren is a Swedish Esperantist who currently lives in northern Germany. He has spoken Esperanto since 1980, and since 2001 has been a member of the Akademio de Esperanto. He is author of the renowned Plena Manlibro de Esperanta GramatikoDetala Gramatiko de Esperanto, and Landoj kaj lingvoj de la mondo. He has also written Esperanto textbooks for speakers of Swedish. Bertilo was a member of the bands Amplifiki and Persone. In 2006 the magazine La Ondo named him “Esperantist of the Year.

Lee Miller - Poetry

Lee-Miller-150x150Lee Miller is a professional interpreter and has been an Esperantis for many years.  He is a member of the NASK team and a frequent teacher for the courses.  Lee is a lifetime member of both Esperanto-USA and UEA.  He actively supports the teaching projects at as an administrator of the Facebook-page.