The focus of this year’s Festival will be creating a radio drama for the Esperanto community.  Whether your interest is voice acting, creating and recording sound, music, technical and presentation aspects of drama, or supporting the entire process, there will be much to learn and lots of fun creating an original radio drama for the Esperanto community.

During the eight days of the Festival, we will present the radio drama, and other works created during this year’s Festival, during previous Festivals, and by other Esperantists around the world.

The program will consist of workshops and learning sessions, presented by local and international experts, some of whom will offer us their experiences and expertise via Skype.

Festival Format:

  • Mornings:  Attend the NASK Esperanto classes, or work on a KTF project.
  • Afternoons:  Attend KTF workshops and talks, NASK activities, or work on your creative projects.
  • Evenings:  Watch films, work on the KTF radio drama, or participate in NASK activities.